Protecting Yourself: How to Watch Out for Marriage Fraud
New relationships can feel exciting and it can be hard to ask yourself the right questions. Whether in Canada or abroad, it is important to know the signs of marriage fraud. Protect your peace and heart by marrying for the right reasons. Immigration knows to look for certain red flags when considering your application- use these points to identify risks.
Bringing Your Partner to Canada: The Top 3 Things to Consider
In the early stages of sponsorship there is a lot to think about, but where do you start? Here are the top 3 things to think about before diving into the Canadian immigration process. It doesn't matter if you are newlyweds or married for sometime. Husbands and wives that plan together, stay together!
3 Things Canadians Do To Keep Winter Cozy
While still in the midst of winter we look at ways Canadians make the best of a chilly time.
One question I am asked regularly in regards to travel visas is, "What are my odds of getting approval?". While there are many factors that officers look at in considering an application, and while a well prepared application is vital to a successful submission, it is always helpful to consider the average approval rating of various countries and offices. Differences from country-to-country can vary based on economic and/or political climate of the region. Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship...

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