Canadian Travel Visa Approval Ratings: South America

One question I am asked regularly in regards to travel visas is, "What are my odds of getting approval?". While there are many factors that officers look at in considering an application, and while a well prepared application is vital to a successful submission, it is always helpful to consider the average approval rating of various countries and offices. Differences from country-to-country can vary based on economic and/or political climate of the region.


Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada will release certain statistics through the Access to Information Act. The following data pertain to some South American offices that are often overlooked, but should not be as South Americans have a rich history in Canada and are known for their ingenuity, work ethic and strong family values.


Approval Ratings

The Point of Service office in Lima, Peru reports an 84% approval rating for visitor visas from January -August 2018. Other popular offices report the following approval ratings as follows:

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 76%

Bogota, Columbia, 78%

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 98%


Visitor visas can be applied for on-line or through our office. Should you be interested in arranging a visit to Canada, please contact us to find out how we can assist you.





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